Year: 2009


I was recently commissioned to pave a smallish area around the back yard. So I thought I would put my GF to work. She is supposedly very handy at everything.  I didn’t get any photographs of the  digging or the

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Women wear my name on their underwear.

I was walking through K-Mart with my GF and I noticed some undies which had a very similar name to mine on them. There isn’t much to say about these. The DSBO is formed conveniently out of the front and

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So I was looking on-line and I think I found the most dedicated Suzuki fan ever. It has been a week since Sam left for greener pastures and the office seems bland. I have switched to drinking tea (5c

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Well I’m back to blogging about life. It is a hard one  to avoid because I try to live so hard. Work has been fun as always. I’ve got myself a cute GF which is awesome. I haven’t ridden my

Weekly updates – no go.

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University of Fail

Assignment Crap So I’m gong to try writing this to the right of the picture just to spice things up a little. Not that you need any extra pizzaz when reading  my blog. Plus it is the way I inserted

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Claim-code access and life

I’ve found a chick who could quite possibly be the best ever.

Motorbike woes

Bike issues: I fixed up my bike! It only took me 6 months. Everyone said fixing the fork’s oil seals yourself was a hard task. With a bit of reading I managed to figure out how the hell it all

I love IBM

old-school *NIXers are into rainbows, unicorns and having great gray beards


I once said that crumpet toast was the best that ever existed. I think it still marks my exit of IRC every day that I am “floating away on clouds made of vegemite crumpet toast” as this is my dream