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So if there has ever been a dilbert comic which is exactly like IBM this has got to be it.

I feel like I’ve been bludging on my holiday. I  haven’t ridden my pushbike at all, although I’ve been slightly active. Main bludge has been going out on Saturday night. It was good fun, but as always, I never end up all that happy the next day. It is probably just me drinking too much. ‘KNOW YOUR LIMITS’ comes to mind about now.

I have just finished watching American History X and apparently that scene at the end was almost the saddest moment ever in a movie. I’m not going to give away spoilers (unless you push me). It  wasn’t even all that bad by itself. Almost shed a tear.

In even sadder news, although I am not at a point of crying over this matter, I don’t have a G/F. I’ m still on the prowl. Got myself a balaclava and a blackjack. Keep an eye out and don’t be a stranger.

Out of the frying pan topic into something a little better (think electric wok theoretically) . Ok I don’t have any ‘better’ topics to talk about, just more crap to ramble about. I’ll make a list to %%prettify it.

  • Facebook: Why does everyone have to be classified as my friend? ” One who entertains for another such sentiments of esteem, respect, and affection that he seeks his society and welfare; a wellwisher; an intimate associate; sometimes,
    an attendant.” I can somewhat understand what they are getting at. I can hardly call someone I have met once a friend, or someone from back at high school whom I never really knew. They have ‘groups’ and ‘labels’ for people, but it still doesn’t cover the base that these people could merely be acquaintances who you wouldn’t mind adding to your favourite(most commonly visited) social networking site. It should be something like
  • Facebook #2: Damn facebook is a hot topic on my mind. I just got invited to a group. It is designed as a petition to get some guy who I have never met, never heard of and care even less about to grow a massive beard. I’m not going to join it because I really couldn’t have that on my conscience. I am not at all a fan of beards and I have a sneaking suspicion that people who have joined this group either have really slow growing facial hair or are chicks. Beards are a pain in the arse.
  • My weight. I’ll start out by saying that I weigh 94.2kg. Based on this fact people judge me.  End of story.


  • American Beauty: It is looking like a better movie than American History X.  1998-1999 must have been the year of discrimination. Gotta admit this movie deserves the 8.6 it got on IMDB. I have pretty much stopped blogging. This movie is awesome.
  • I’ve found a chick who could quite possibly be the best ever. I don’t think she would care if I liked anything. Especially anime, cosplay or manga. There is only one catch. I’ve got to say hi to her. argggggggg I hate myself sometimes.
  • Angry Video Game Nerd: I’ve been waiting for the second part of the terminator review for weeks. It is like the duke nukem forever of avgn reviews.
  • Slashdot and Digg: I try to keep up with the news(if I can call it that) as often as possible. It is as if people can’t stumble upon enough good stuff to keep me entertained. I might have to start doing extra reading on my extra reading. Gotta be a jack of all trades, and an ace of many.
  • Did I already mention that American Beauty is awesome?
  • Another thing. I was at the news agency buying my favourite gaming magazine PCPP when I though about buying another magazine. It occurred to me that I would be ridiculed in public for carrying such a magazine around westfields so I tucked it under my more manly purchase. They should seriously offer linux magazines in paper bags…

I don’t have much else to ramble on about. Except perhaps my gaming. I’ve been playing a sweet jrpg called Tales of Eternia on my PSP.  It has a somewhat dodgy combat system in the say you need to heal yourself after every fight, and when you go to a healing spring it doesn’t restore your TP.  It has an auto-cook feature too, which allows you to cook yourself a meal after every fight. That would work, if you could store more than a stack of 15 of each ingredient.  Even worse is that when you kill a monster and it drops something you have 15 of the new 16th item just goes into an ether and you keep your 15. It isn’t even worth winning apple gel (30% more life) if you have 15 already, and it takes about 10 to get your party up to full health.  On the plus side it has sweet voice acting on some of the ingame cutscenes. The dialog itself is good and you can always find someone who will talk to you. Most people have an initial conversation and then a shorter follow up dialog. This makes visiting people in the town valuable and quite a good addition to the main quest. I wish I had more to say about it, the game is awesome. I cannot analyse it well enough. I guess they put everything which was good into a jrpg and made it. Golden Sun was the only game on a handheld console which I have played through with as much to enjoy. P.S I think I have a favourite game genre. JRPG.

I wish I could put more pictures to this blog and add in all the loverly stuff I am doing on my holidays, but I don’t want any of you thinking I’m nerdier than you already do.


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