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Assignment Crap

Assignment paper (if you could call it that)

Assignment paper (if you could call it that)

So I’m gong to try writing this to the right of the picture just to spice things up a little. Not that you need any extra pizzaz when reading  my blog. Plus it is the way I inserted it and now I can’t be bothered to remove it. I think I have the swine flu, or at the very least a cold.  So the assignment isn’t supposed to give us 40% of our grade like I previously speculated. It is designed to prove that we have done the work to earn the 40% of our grade. If that makes any sense I’ll write it out a bit better in a second. I’m so tired and it is much easier to not even think about what I’m putting down and just add to the word count. I love fingers.

In the unit outline (which we look at like it is the holy grail or perhaps bible) has an immutable section in it with all the data about weighting and assessment. When I say immutable I mean it can be changed, but pretty much everyone in the unit has to agree and it is via some sort of secret ballot. Pretty damned hard to change considering I would just say “NO” and that would be the end of it. Not that it was me in the past who had said no.  So in this section it says that we are supposed to do 40% of the unit’s total weighting on assessment based on the Unix System Services of the mainframe. Divided into 2 different assessment pieces worth 20% of our total mark each. So every day coming up to the last 4 weeks of the unit I was eagerly awaiting the time we got to work with Unix on the mainframe. The time came and it was so awesome I jizzed in my pants.

To start off the 4 week bonanza of awesome we had HFS and zFS. It was easy enough to see similarities between other file systems which I have either seen or worked on so I was cheering. It was going to be awesome. Next we delved deep into the secluded world of SSH and Telnet. I was starting to get a little hot and bothered right about now. Expecting an assignment where we would put to use our “20 hours of Study per week” as outlined in the holy bible I was disappointed when nothing came. A week later after pretty much ignoring the session on SSH and telnet we got “Editing, Compiling and Executing” programs on the Unix Shell. The whole thing went on to explain absolutely nothing. c89 will compile c source to an executable, c++ will do c++ source to an executable, javac will compile java to an executable (albeit in its own environment) and the list went on for about 3 languages. By this time I was starting to get a bit worried. No assignment had come through and there had been no real work except for reading a few chapters from some IBM pdfs. And you all know how exciting rainbows and unicorns are. G’day Mr Colnel. So after all this crap we have the last topic. It was about pwd, ls, ps and cd and their equivilents in the sdsf world.

So I was raging pretty hard about this crap. Mainly because I was expecting 40% of the unit to be filled with easy marks and a great learning experience/outcome. I constructed an email about it and send it on to the Course Convener who then forwarded it to the Lecturer who proceeded to send it to the bit bucket. It totally went like this.

‘echo rant | convener | lecturer > /dev/null’

The result: An absolutely fantabulous example of expletetive called an assignment. As above.

Here is my assignment returned. I hope no-one plagiarises my sweet-arse work and takes it for their own.  I added some sweet shell customisations such as “setting my prompt to lolol>” and “using every damned flag on ls” not to mention “going against the crowd of sheep by not using putty”.  This assignment is probably the worst indicator of  “to check that certain activities have been completed and understood, perform the following” EVA. 4 weeks worth of work summed up in a few commands worth of effort.

It was also mentioned that Cygwin SSH is different to openssh. I don’t have time to look this up, but I can only imagine that they are the same thing.

Man -k edit:

To begin with this rant is based on a question featured in the example exam. It is worded in such a way that it wants you to list every available command which can be used for editing on the USS.

Q. “To produce a list of all the shell commands for editing what command would you issue?”

A. “man -k edit”

This is the start of my man -k rant.  Ok. So I have been using linux for a while and I still know nothing about it. I have used man a hell of a lot and I have never come across man ‘categories’ outside of the 1-9 man sections. Apparently the mainframe flavour of Unix has this ‘feature’.  I raised the question “Why does ‘man -k edit’ only come up with man pages which have edit in the description?”. There were many answers flying around, but none really answered what I was asking. I proposed that man -k edit simply searched the predefined database for keywords and did not magically choose a category for every single ‘editor’ man page to be included under a fantabulous search.

This is taken from the man manual on the mainframe. A.K.A. man man.

-k   Searches a precomputed database of syntax lines for information on keywords.

To find out which utilities do comparisons, issue:
man -k compare

I believe it is ‘quite’ apparent that the man -k option merely searches for the keyword specified and does not look up a magical category database. I argued that awk and tr weren’t included in the search results, while maintaining similar functionality in editing to sed which was included. Tex was brought up too (not by myself) as a defense that if you compare awk to tex then you can easily say that awk isn’t an editor. It was also brought up that if you do a ‘man awk’ it doesn’t openly say it is an editor. I went through and found an appropriate group of words. It stated that awk is “well suited to data manipulation and retrieval of information from text files” which I promptly followed with “data manipulation sounds an aweful like edit to me”.  I went through the man page for man and apropos for ubuntu and came up empty handed with an explaination of how this result was crafted. I also viewed them on the mainframe.

I would be fairly happy to be proven wrong. Although probably a little disatisfied with myself. It would give me a much greater insight into how much of a noob I really am.  Comment below if you want to argue about it.


Well I went on a sweet summer holiday in winter. I came out, once again, understanding why I really hate my  reaction to chlorine. Damn eczema.

Here is a picture of me where the bulk of our weekend away was spent. At the outside dining table. I had 4 crumpets. Or maybe it was 2 crumpets and 2 bits of crumpet toast. I can’t remember, but it was freaking tasty. I had so much food over the weekend. Lucky I was watching my figure and didn’t put on too much weight.  Speaking of weight I haven’t even bothered to check how big I am since coming back. Perhaps I will blog about it next time with my water cooling setup. Damn this ‘right alignment’ with a long photo is freaking hard to find stuff to write about.  Except maybe that you can see how red/white my face is around my cheeks and nose. That is all the chlorine. It has dried out my skin and it hurts. I regret nothing though. I had a great time lazing about in the water even though it was hell out of it. You can even see a bit of red on my elbow where I probably scratched it.  Did I mention Bevan has a great camera? It is awesome and takes awesome photos. There was one photo of me eating a phallus shaped lollypop which I didn’t want to put online after seeing it. Not so much to do with the possible misconceptions, but more so with the amount of skin damage visible in the picture (obviously).  I scaled down the picture but it sure as hell didn’t help with the text. I still have an awful lot of crap to write to fill this out. Lorum Ipsum Decorum.  Just to let everyone know too. Those weren’t my lollies there in front of me. And yes, I am aware that my shirt isn’t ironed and I got it for my birthday about seven years ago.

This picture was taken when I jumped into the cold end of the pool to cool off. You can see the warm spa end just in the corner. It was a temp difference of about 25C.  I also have apparently very pointy man boobs and large nipples. I just think my friends are jealous of my awesome body. *rolls eyes* I have lost all motivation to blog. I am getting very sleepy. It is way too hard to delve into my inner psyche and much easier to rant and rave about how screwed the system at university is.  I also apparently sleep talk, with my latest recorded blurt being “Tiny Teddies”. I might have to start sleep blogging to get some extra blogs happening. I can’t keep up with all this sleep, work, play and chatting to my future girlfriend. And by chatting I mean imagining chatting. And by imagining chatting…

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  1. daveg says:

    You could’ve used the linux version of putty 😛

  2. Opie says:

    I spoke to you on the 13th so I hope you didn’t give me your illness.

  3. Desbo's Mum says:

    Honey, put a shirt on when you’re in the pool.. you’ll get a chill.

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