new xbox360

I bought a new xbox360 to add to my collection. It cost $10 from aussie junk, just like my last one. This one came with a 3 RROD, 0123 error.

I followed the guide at (the one with socks and aluminium foil)  and it has come out of the oven working. It looked a little bit ridiculous and the electrical tape smelled a little bit; The smell has now dissipated.

The dashboard is super-duper old. I’ll have to make sure that it is working reliably, and install it into another xbox360 case and jtag it. I still need to buy a power supply for this or Paul’s jtagg’d box.

My xbox’G5’360 is coming along nicely. I bought some aluminium sheeting down at aussie junk for $5 (I think I mentioned this in my previous blog) and have been fashioning it into an air baffle. I’ll have to post some pictures of them soon.

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One comment on “new xbox360
  1. Tessa says:

    i was hoping for a juicy update but whatever…

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