I’ve moved around IBM over the last year; Linux, compliance, dispatching, Unix and anything in between.

I’ve moved again, hopefully for the last time in a while, to the Tivoli automation and performance & capacity space. Every single thing I have ever hated about the team has been ill advised.

I </3 Tivoli. -Mark

I think there are lots of things wrong with the state of reporting. Lots of work to be done; I’ve even got a side order of programming that I can look at. Lots of new stuff to learn, and plenty of crap to work with. It feels like a giant canvas. Plus I’m getting paid more. Pinball machine and arcade machine for the new house.



2 comments on “Job
  1. Tivoli says:

    I <3 Mark

  2. David Squibular says:

    Does anyone know if the person running this site is still alive ? Does he ever respond to posts ? Does he still work at IBM in the legion of BAU Worms ?
    Anyone ?

    Any sort of sign would be much appreciated. Thanking you all in heartfelt anticipation…..


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