House Dreams

I think I’ve been dreaming about the house. Unless my brain has really strange subconscious interpretations for finding bargain kitchenware sets. I did a quick Google and nothing came up that made me feel like a creep.

The most recent one was a set of measuring cups/bowl. I distinctly remember thinking they would be great for making cakes. I can’t remember the others, but I think there has been more than this.



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2 comments on “House Dreams
  1. Exannuc Smith says:

    Hey Mark,
    Where are you building this house ? Not Crace I hope. There are some bad rumours around about that place. How the heck can you afford this ?
    My guess is that you are no longer a BAU Worm. I feel a domain change coming on, hmmm, maybe something like or
    The Axe Man
    PS Your Mum wants you to update your site more often, and also make an Internet wide apology for not responding to commenters.

  2. Bevan says:

    So when do we get to have the house warming partay?

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