Growing up

I don’t really feel like I have grown up at all. My memory of school is pretty good, but I cannot recall actually learning anything. I have trouble with maths, English and pretty much every other class I have taken. This would even extend out to computers. After years of schooling the basics evade me. I know stuff, but I feel as though I can’t retain information which is important.

I never learned how to play an instrument. I am trying to learn piano and sheet music now. I am making an effort to understand English, but I still get suck on basic principles. I don’t know what the different parts are. I feel woefully ill equipped to be a person.

I’ve just taken a look at the signs of learning disability over at this website: and I think I check about half of those boxes, maybe more. Who knows, maybe I am destined never to learn.

Overall I think I have a long way to ‘grow up’ to where I am actually sitting in life. I have big shoes to fill, and they are my own.

Edit: Maybe I’m not so bad. I’ve been watching some maths videos and they are okay in my mind.

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