Month: January 2015

Doctor Who TShirt Collection – 11 Doctors

I purchased this set of tshirts from an online shop going out of business. The price was tempting ($10 per tee) and the quality of my previous shirt purchases was good. They are thick cotton and the stitching has no

Eagle Lamp

Another fabulous purchase from the tip. This eagle lamp has a great brass base and is quite solid. It doesn’t get much use, but I love the way it looks when it is on. There is a switch at the

Two of My Favourite Trilogies Combined

I felt as though Indiana Jones should ride in the cockpit of the second best Star Wars craft (Millennium Falcon). Second only to Slave One (Boba Fett’s ship). I love that both of these characters are played by Harrison Ford

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This book shouldn’t be for sale – A great irony

This comical spelling mistake was too great to pass up. I could feel the irony course through my veins.

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