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Service Manual for Honda Cars

I have had some issues with my Honda Integra’s power windows lately and found myself clawing for a service manual. This is the most reliable place I could find for a download. The quality isn’t amazing, but the content is


So I was looking on-line and I think I found the most dedicated Suzuki fan ever. It has been a week since Sam left for greener pastures and the office seems bland. I have switched to drinking tea (5c

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Well I’m back to blogging about life. It is a hard oneĀ  to avoid because I try to live so hard. Work has been fun as always. I’ve got myself a cute GF which is awesome. I haven’t ridden my

Motorbike woes

Bike issues: I fixed up my bike! It only took me 6 months. Everyone said fixing the fork’s oil seals yourself was a hard task. With a bit of reading I managed to figure out how the hell it all