House Dreams

I think I’ve been dreaming about the house. Unless my brain has really strange subconscious interpretations for finding bargain kitchenware sets. I did a quick Google and nothing came up that made me feel like a creep.

The most recent one was a set of measuring cups/bowl. I distinctly remember thinking they would be great for making cakes. I can’t remember the others, but I think there has been more than this.



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I’ve moved around IBM over the last year; Linux, compliance, dispatching, Unix and anything in between.

I’ve moved again, hopefully for the last time in a while, to the Tivoli automation and performance & capacity space. Every single thing I have ever hated about the team has been ill advised.

I </3 Tivoli. -Mark

I think there are lots of things wrong with the state of reporting. Lots of work to be done; I’ve even got a side order of programming that I can look at. Lots of new stuff to learn, and plenty of crap to work with. It feels like a giant canvas. Plus I’m getting paid more. Pinball machine and arcade machine for the new house.



Server Migration

Over the last few months I have migrated servers twice. I went from my aging x346 to a HP DL-585g1 and then I have moved to a HP Microserver (HP Micro G7 N36L).

It was strange moving from a 2RU, then to a 4RU and then to a small form factor server. I went from dual 3.0ghz Xeons (4GB of RAM), to quad dual core 2.6 opterons (32GB of RAM) to a dual core 1.2ghz amd cpu (4GB of RAM).

Moving all my data across has become quite painful (downgrading from 7.2TB to 5.4TB is never an easy process). The other services were relatively straight forward.

However, I’m sure the environment is thanking me in its own special way.

new xbox360

I bought a new xbox360 to add to my collection. It cost $10 from aussie junk, just like my last one. This one came with a 3 RROD, 0123 error.

I followed the guide at (the one with socks and aluminium foil)  and it has come out of the oven working. It looked a little bit ridiculous and the electrical tape smelled a little bit; The smell has now dissipated.

The dashboard is super-duper old. I’ll have to make sure that it is working reliably, and install it into another xbox360 case and jtag it. I still need to buy a power supply for this or Paul’s jtagg’d box.

My xbox’G5’360 is coming along nicely. I bought some aluminium sheeting down at aussie junk for $5 (I think I mentioned this in my previous blog) and have been fashioning it into an air baffle. I’ll have to post some pictures of them soon.

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Oh the roller-coaster of life. It isn’t at all samey, but it was starting to feel like that last week when I started writing the title of this page.

I honestly think I must be the most obnoxious person ever. If not obnoxious then at least creepy. Not regular special guy who sometimes talks to you creepy, like stalker, shrine, dreams, whackjob, saliva, constant annoyance creepy. Maybe I’m not. I could just be asking the wrong(right) girls out on dates. I have had a philosophy that I would only be interested in girls that were interesting (funnily enough). It totally doesn’t work as nice girls are not in abundance.

I got my second ‘das keyboard’ delivered today. It is just as awesome as my first one. The cherry MX browns are so silent by comparison. I feel like I am working up some sort of type-writer when I bash at my blues. I opted for the silent version so that I could use it in an office environment without sending my co-workers as loopy as I am. Hopefully some of the HR chicks are in awe of my 31337 skills of not having labels on my keys.

I am super excited that it is the weekend. I thought that I might have a date, but it turns out I am even more special than I could have ever imagined. I wish there was some mandatory government law that you couldn’t be single and you had to at least go on a few dates. A bit like the dole for girls…

My xbox360 conversion is coming along nicely. I’ve got it all put in a G5 PPC case, I’ve got it secured nicely using the G5’s power supply. It is all hooked up (no DVD drive sadly). It is also not sad that I have no DVD drive because they are useless. I bought a sheet of aluminium down at aussie junk for $5 and I’ve been using it to craft an air baffle for the CPU/GPU. I just need to secure that down. I suspect a few pop rivets and a screw will sufficiently hold it down.

I think I have finally lost the plot and I am going to buy a house. Fsck getting a GF, if one of them actually wants to go out with me I’m sure they will ask.

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2011 Updates

I haven’t had the pleasure of typing on my keyboard for a while. It is fantastic.

I went to a scout camp in Wollongong 2 weeks ago. It was great on Mount Kira with a bunch of rovers and lovely fun in the sun. I came out of it with a bit of sunburn on my shoulders/back and my scalp. It was awesome to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy some healthy physical activity.

Last weekend I went to Sydney for an anime flash-mob that failed epically. It wasn’t well organised or syncronised. The entire event lacked dispersion of members amongst the city; It was a pile of cosplayers running around making a mess.
The second half of the weekend exponentially more enjoyable with a LAN at Bevans. I’ll have to convert a backpack with some velco/straps to carry a computer/monitor around the place, or I’ll just keep driving my champagne chariot around places.

The girl front is possibly worse than before, although it hasn’t changed at all. I don’t think there has been a worthwhile girl to chase in a while. I would like to think that I am not entirely the worst person around.

I got a new motorbike. A 2008 GSX650F. It apparently makes a 3.7 second 0-100km/h, but I very much doubt I could pull off such a speedy takeoff. I’ve got to take it in for the 5000k service. I’m not sure if I’m optimistic that they will return my electronic query, or if I am the best procrastinator in the world.

Work has been OK. I’ve been starting on AIX. I haven’t started with Solaris yet, but it will be soon. Dispatching is still shit; Hopefully they recruit a masochist to take on the role and rid me of the suffering. People are leaving like rats abandoning a sinking ship and the guys who remain just haven’t found a bit of driftwood yet.

I haven’t had a chance to draw up any new web comics. I’ve written out a bunch (probably lost somewhere under my stacks of junk) and need to photoshop or gimp (how appropriate) them up.

Goddamn I love Metallica!

Christmas 2010

This is a tradition of blogging Christmas presents that dates back a year. Might as well keep it going.

  • Bike Tires
  • Inner Tubes
  • Shirt and Tie
  • Cutlery Set
  • Vodka
  • Beetroot Strainer
  • JBHifi gift card
  • I was allowed to wear ‘casual Friday’ clothes on Christmas eve

I’m glad I didn’t get anything too big. The cutlery set fits well under my bed, and the other things will get stashed away for future use. My room is overflowing with gadgets, toys and junk. I can’t wait until I have a garage, shed, computer room and bedroom all separate.

I feel a bit like a Christmas Grinch. Mainly because I don’t get excited over Christmas, and partly because I don’t really give out presents.
I’ve got some stuff on the way from deal-extreme. It should be here sometime in the next week or two and I can give out some pre-planned Christmas gifts. I ordered them on the 8th of December.

This is the best Christmas comic I’ve seen in my entire life.

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Guitar Hero World Tour Overload

I bought 5 copies of Guitar Hero: World Tour the other day online. I was going to order 4 to qualify for free shipping, but I accidentally ordered 5. It was totally their fault for having a “increment quantity” button in the checkout rather than a quantity text field.

It cost me $10 all up, and hopefully I can find someone to take a copy or 2 for their PS3.

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Seagate Freeagent Theater+

I bought 2 of these units from HT ( while they were on sale for $63 each. The only issue I have had so far is the subtitles appearing to take up the whole screen. The workaround was found at:

The solution is “While the video is playing and showing subtitle, “Pause” it and then use the arrow left/right/up/down buttons.”. Worked a charm.

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I wish I could write down everything, or at least tell it all in a long and exciting story. I love writing, but everything seems to just mishmash into a big pile of crap. Everything seems pretty bad right now. I’m single, my job sucks and the weather is still too cold to ride to work on my pushbike.  There is a plus side to everything; It couldn’t get much worse.

I’ve got money coming back in my tax return, I’m still able to use my legs and summer is coming. I’ve got a job lined up for after my internship so that should be pretty nice and I might be able to afford to buy a car. I think I’ll switch from car, bike and deadly treadly to just car and treadly. That’ll save on rego and insurance, plus it is dangerous out on the road when you’re on 2 wheels. The ride isn’t too far, about 45KM for a round trip. I should be able to pull it off in about 2.5 hours. The car trip is about 1.5 so an extra hour will be thoroughly enjoyed especially if I can just relax and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about potholes, roadworks, motorists and anything else unmentioned but worth adding.

I’m moving into a new role this week (it was supposed to be a month ago, but the new guy was delayed). It is just stupid how much work I have been given (over the last 7 months) and no-one keeps track of it. Hopefully they see some sense once I am gone and get some more people. I don’t usually get frustrated, but this is just terrible. I had some work to do 2 weekends ago which was delayed just because some guy thought it was a good idea to not approve it. The work went ahead this weekend with some unexpected issues, and I went through the correct (as far as I know) steps to get it remedied, but someone at the helpless-desk seems to think that ticket management shouldn’t be part of their job. The off-shored accounts are just headaches. I’m glad to be moving into a role within our borders.

On the social life front I’ve been to more LAN parties in the last few weeks than I have in the entire year before that. There is still an empty feeling. I’ve only ever had 4 girlfriends, but I seem to overreact when I get dumped (3/4 times). I just reminisce about how I could have done things better, which probably just adds to the mind issues.  Until recently been concerned over the amount of phone calls that girlfriends involve. Now I understand how nice just simple conversations are, and receiving a phone call. Also photos, I will attempt to be more photogenic in the future.

I’m also working on my physique. I’ve been doing push ups semi-regularly and now I can do 35+ (hopefully I’ll be able to manage 40+ after I get over this damned cold). I also need to buy some more figure hugging  nerd t-shirts as I am cutting down on my weight. With this dang fangled  ‘eat less, exercise more’  mentality hopefully I can push myself back up to 95kg without having a belly. I’ll keep dreaming that a girl might ask me out one day. I almost forgot, wii fit is a sham.

I’ll post some pics of my server next time. I might also work on it too, if I get some free time from work.

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